4TheNow Media is a modern 21st century digital media, news and entertainment company. 

We formed 4TheNow in September 2020 because of the changing digital landscape and the way we digest our news, to provide entertainment brands that help a global audience engage in current affairs.

When we strike up a conversation we have the power to change the world, solve global problems and have a positive impact to make a difference in people’s lives. 

The company is divided into 2 key segments.

4TN in House Brand Operations

The company owns, controls, and operates several media brands. All revenue generated from these brands flows directly into the company accounts.

The aim of the company is to create the most entertaining media for everyone, everywhere, and to capitalise on and develop revenue streams through external partnerships, sponsorships, promotions, exclusive pay-to-view content, and e-commerce operations.

4TN Digital Media Agency 4TN Creates

This segment of the company is tasked with providing media consultation and creation services to external clients. 

The services we provide external clients includes:

  • Strategic media consultation and planning
  • Brand building
  • Creating specific media activations based on clients’ needs

The company aims to draw on the reputation of its own in-house media brand operations and use the 4TN production teams expertise to create and if needed distribute media on behalf of clients.



Ali Monjack


Ali Monjack has worked in TV, Radio and Press over the last 20 years, as well as running her own podcast company.

She is a committed and experienced media communications expert, with a track record of delivering unique and well-researched news to a wide audience. Ali has interviewed thousands of people across the UK and also the USA.

Her whole raison d’etre is to make a difference by covering and highlighting issues to switch on a wider audience globally.


Aprajita Vidyarthi is a India based journalist and filmmaker who has been working in the news industry for about a decade. She has authored numerous stories sparking debates about environmental issues, women rights and the education sector. She is also a skilled video editor who has been actively assisting 4TN with their audio-visual content.’

Tony Grundy


Tony Grundy hails from a Broadcasting family and spent 45 years working in the Commercial Radio industry. His first job was as a Sales Executive in his home City of Manchester, with the launch of Piccadilly Radio in 1974.

He then moved to stations such as Radio Victory in Portsmouth and Radio Aire in Leeds. He then helped to launch Radio 210 in Reading, where after 12 months he became Managing Director.

Eventually, Tony set up his own specialist Sales and Management training company to provide services to the commercial radio industry, Communicate Now.